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Hair Oil Elixir

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Boda Organics’ hair oil elixir is infused with over seven natural oils to stimulate thicker, healthier growing hair.

How to use

Treatments (Once a week)

Hot oil treatment: Use the double boiling method (pour the oil in a cup and place the cup on top of a bowl of warm water) to warm up the oil and apply to your scalp + strands. After 30-45 minutes, follow up with your washday routine. 

Overnight mask: Apply the oil throughout your scalp & strands and leave overnight. Rinse out with warm water/ follow up with your washday routine.

Massage (3-4 times a week)

Hair: Rub the oil in your hands for activation or warm up using the double boiling method and massage oil into your scalp and through your strands to help stimulate growth 

Seal (with moisture routine 2-4 times a week or everyday for beards)
Scalp & Strands: apply on your scalp & the strands at the end of the moisture/styling routine. 

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