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Normal skin - The appearance of normal skin is a healthy look without imperfections or uneven tone. It has a matte finish and a soft, silky feel. Normal skin isn’t the norm – it is rarely seen on anyone other than young children and the few very lucky adults. 

Oily skin – The appearance of oily skin is shiny with large open pores, a thicker texture due to increased activity of the sebaceous glands and is prone to spots, blemishes, pimples and blackheads. Oily skin is caused by the over activity of sebaceous glands producing more oil that is necessary to protect your skin. Hooray – oily skin tends to age slower than other skin types due to the levels of natural sebum keeping the skin moisturised. Oily skin can be caused by an excessive or harsh cleansing routine or the wrong type of skincare routine in addition to stress, diet and hormones.

Combination skin – The appearance of this skin type is an oily area across the forehead and down the nose and chin which is known as the ‘T-zone’ due to its T shape.The skin in the T-zone is prone to enlarged pores and pimples and yet outside that area you will notice dry patches, particularly on the cheeks.

Sensitive skin – The appearance of sensitive skin is a thin, fine texture which tends to redden easily. It reacts quickly to even slight changes in temperature. It can be dry and delicate and prone to allergic reactions and will burn in the sun and wind very easily.Sensitive skin is prone to patchy redness, rashes, dry and flaky areas. In addition to the list above, sensitive skin can be caused by lack of hydration to the skin barrier and a reduced natural skin defence mechanism.Common cause is a reaction to beauty products containing certain dyes, fragrances, chemicals and other irritants. Other triggers can be changes in weather, temperature, stress and pollution.

Dry skin - The appearance of dry skin is rather pale and lacking in shine. It is likely to have pinker patches accompanied by flaky, scaly areas with indicate a lack of moisture. It can feel rough and dry to the touch and often feels itchy and tight. As this skin is so delicate, it is the first to show wrinkles around the eyes and mouth area. In addition to the list above, dry skin can be caused by lack of hydration to the skin (possibly through diet as well as skincare routine) or the wrong type of skincare routine.